I pursued my degree in massage therapy in 2006 at the College of Health Professions in New York with a focus on Chinese medicine. Several styles of massage were emphasized in my education including Tui Na, AMMA Therapy and Reflexology. In addition, I discovered a Japanese abdominal massage technique called Hara.

Upon graduation our family moved back to Moscow, Russia. As I began my professional practice I explored a wide range of modalities and techniques working in several wellness centers. Increasingly, I sought out to make more significant and deeper impact on long term health of the people in my practice. I came across abdominal massage again when I learned about Slavic visceral massage, which is an old folk technique of working with internal organs. Following an extended course in Slavic visceral massage I joined the Institute of Traditional Eastern Medicine. Here I worked in collaboration and partnership with doctors of Chinese and Tibetan medicine. 

After returning to New York I began my private practice under the name of Taiga Bodywork in Ghent NY, while also working at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, in Rhinebeck, NY as a Wellness Provider. While at Omega I completed a certification program in Qi Gong Healing with renown Qi Gong Master and Healer Robert Peng. In 2017 I joined Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Massachusetts as Massage Therapist in Healing Arts Department. Here, I was exposed to profound healing of Biodynamic Craniosecral Therapy and Continuum Movement.

From the very beginning I set out to discover how healing touch and pure intention can positively effect the health of people and bring true joy and happiness into their lives. After a decade of inspiring practice I am grateful to share with my clients the gift of the profound benefits of Holistic Bodywork and Energy Healing.     

- Anton Taiga, LMT