What is the essence of your practice?

I provide Holistic BodyWork & Energy Healing in the Hudson Valley of New York & Berkshires of Massachusetts, supporting Health through Touch and Intuitive Guidance.


The Energy Healing & BodyWork promotes a deep sense of inner peace, whole body awareness, beeing at home in the body, integration and ownership of personal well-being. It supports free flow of energy and the realization of body potential to heal itself. 


Taiga Signature Bodywork in my approach to bodywork the emphases is on following and accommodating the innate wisdom of the body, that guides the application of touch throughout the session. It all starts with the deep listening and attunement to the intelligence of the client’s body, our planet and the field of Universal Consciousness. There are no preconceived plans, expectations or goals coming into this process. Every movement and every touch is informed by the richness of the present moment.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a unique approach to health and well-being. It emphasizes gentle touch and deep listening as a gateway to experience the wisdom of one's body. The primary focus of the therapist is to be fully present in the moment and listen intently with his hands in order to sense the inherent intelligence of the human body. There is no external force or will exerted by the therapist. All healing comes from deep within the person, facilitated by deep listening, unwavering presents, all-inclusive awareness by the therapist and surrender to Biodynamic forces that created and sustained all life.

Qi Gong Energy Healing is an ancient Chinese healing art that nourishes the body on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. The healing takes place in a relaxed meditative state, where a person can receive the restorative power of the universal live force called Qi. It goes beyond addressing health concerns to support clients on their quest of self discovery.

Tui Na is a bodywork rooted in Taoist philosophy and is one of the pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the human body has twelve main energy meridians which correspond to our vital organs. Specific points along the meridians can be stimulated on the surface of the body to balance and harmonize the flow of energy and improve the functions of our organism. Tui Na literally translates as "push" and "pull" manipulations. This hands-on bodywork incorporates deep tissue manipulations, acupressure techniques, and stretches.      

Visceral Therapy is the massage of internal organs of the abdomen which originates in many folk traditions. As the core and center of our being, the gut is believed to be the root of our health both physiologically and emotionally. Working slowly from the superficial layer of muscles towards the deeper structure of the internal organs this technique promotes deep emotional healing and release of energetic blockages, improving circulation of blood and foster healthy digestion.