Anton is a healer in both a physical and emotional sense. I came to Anton with a “frozen shoulder” condition, which is apparently quite common, but was a first time for me. I was in a lot of pain and needed at least some relief, since my life is busy and it’s very difficult to have basically a non-functioning right arm. The pain medicine somewhat helped at night, but during the day I still could not do anything even if my pain was subdued. Anton combined deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and energy work to provide an almost immediate relief from the unbearable pain. The treatment of my quite serious “issue” of course required several sessions, but from the very first session I started feeling better. Unlike many other massage therapists - who I’ve seen a lot throughout my life - he is gentle yet somehow very effective. I am physically comfortable and emotionally safe during the entire session, meaning no sudden painful application of force and great focus on my problems. I am very happy that I found Taiga Bodywork and will see Anton again whenever I need. Right now my family noticed that not only am I pain free, but also my mood has improved. I am happier and calmer overall, and, importantly, able to do a lot around the house and garden.
— Anita S.
As a new and first time mother, I experienced many changes in my life and in my body. These changes continued to evolve as my baby grew - getting heavier, more or less needy, calmer or bursting with wiggly energy. I went to Taiga Bodywork because I had acute ‘nurser’s neck’. Anton exudes calm and competence and his massage techniques were very effective at helping my muscles quiet down and begin healing. But more importantly, during the first session, I began to understand my body, mind, and energy as a connected whole, and that all these aspects were being highlighted and worked on. In subsequent sessions, Anton would manipulate muscles and energy points to help unpack tightness, pain, blockages with remarkable results. He helped me bring mindfulness to the process, which has been so helpful for my own physical healing and for nourishing the emotional energy.
— Jill J.
Working with Anton allowed me to deepen my bodily awareness past physical sensation to the emotional and spiritual realms. As someone who does intensely physical work, I began to see him to address the soreness and pain I felt in my body. Over many sessions I was able to interpret this tension in ways that gave me insight into my place and state as a person – while much soreness was caused by the physical demands of my job as a farmer, I saw recurring patterns in my body that reflected and brought awareness to areas of my life in which I was struggling, uncertain, or unaware. Anton gave me the space to feel this awareness as my own, and use it to positively impact and redirect my daily experience to thoughts and actions more in tune with my true nature. I felt he gave me advice on stretches and massage that I could incorporate into a practice of self-care when I was not in bodywork sessions. In general, bodywork allowed me to see my body as a interactive and reactive system, rather than a physical accumulation of parts.
— Wesley N.
Anton’s bodywork is both intuitive and healing. Each unique session, he is able to meet my specific physical, as well as spiritual needs, which were always changing with the daily tribulations of life. No two sessions were ever the same, and I was constantly learning more about my body in the process. Anton is happy to offer insight into what he perceives to be going on with my body, why he’s doing what he’s doing, and what I can do to help heal myself in the future. I left his bodywork sessions feeling infinitely calmer and healthier. I recommend Anton’s bodywork to anyone and everyone.
— Laurel S.
I felt supported both physically and emotionally, allowing care for myself through his healing practice. He provides a relaxed and comfortable space, allowing for his work to be deeply fulfilling.
— Claire W.